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DIY Stripping basket/tray

diy line tray

You’re in the groove, your cast feels right & you know that this one is going to shoot exactly how you want it to. You let go of your line, watching it roll out beautifully ….. then see it stop way short & get ruined! You look down to realise that your line snagged a tiny bit of grass, weed, twig or that you have stood on the coils!
It’s at this point you might want to look at getting a stripping basket or line basket (same thing).
I use mine 100% when I go anywhere fishing for any species. It’s an absolute god send, no more standing on my fly line or line snagging a weed ruining a cast and If you’re a dab hand at a bit of DIY, you can make your own for less than the cheapest is available Online (At date of this article).

You will need:

  • Stickers, very important are these.
  • 1 x IKEA foersiktig kids stool from IKEA DIRECT
  • 6-8 Silicone gun cap-less nozzles cut to 40mm long
  • Marker pen
  • Drill & drill bits to suit the screws you buy.
  • Dome head screws x 35mm long with washers under the head end
  • Hot Glue gun with sticks
  • Knife *Please be careful*
  • Soldering iron or Dremel cutting bit *Please be careful*
  • Luggage straps; one to go around your waist or thigh & 2nd if you opt for thigh to help hold the basket up to your belt

Once you have the parts, time to build.

  • Mark out on the bottom of the stool where you want to drill the holes.
  • Mark on the side where you want to cut the strap slots
  • Use the soldering iron to melt the strap slots or Dremel to cut the slots
  • Fit washers on to your screws & push screws up from the bottom ready to place the caps on.
  • Fill one cap at a time, place that cap over the upturned screw & leave to set. Once set, fill another cap with hot glue & place over next screw. Leave to set.. repeat until all caps are fitted.
  • Feed the straps through the slots & adjust to fit
  • Finally, carefully place your stickers on your new stripping basket. Each sticker is one fish *Editor takes no responsibility nor guarantees this*.