The stock here has been rigorously tested by myself over the last few years in some of the unforgiving English seasons & international locations. From the humble English Perch to Pike or Wels Catfish or further afield by customers targeting wild Wels Cats, Musky, Nile Perch & Tiger fish!
Giving you my personal experience with trusted recommendation.
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Predator fly fishing is a fast growing side of the hobby with anglers looking for a new challenge, wanting access to waters all year round or simply carry less gear. Predator fly fishing online shop for: 9# predator fly rod, 10# predator fly rod, Pike flies, Pike Fly Lines and more. Want to learn how to target Pike on a fly rod? Check out the Pike on fly coaching page. Please feel free to contact us for any questions, and don’t forget to check is there are any discounts to be had.

10# combo from Β£120