Wels on fly Intro 48 hr session

Wels on fly Intro 48 hr session

Wels on fly Intro 48 hr session is a chance for you to try Wels catfish on a fly rod with out spending out on a 12# outfit.
The lake is well stocked with lots of Cats from baby kittens to 30lbs and one cat at 50lbs (specimen are anything over 80lbs), This means you can target these cats with a lighter 10# set up. Other fish in the lake: Pike and baitfish
Cost is £66.oo per person, there is ONE places that has just opened up on this trip. (+organiser)and the entire lake is booked. So we are the only ones fishing it for a solid 48 hrs Midday Friday 26th May to Midday 28th Sunday May.

What will you need?
– 10# (Minimum) fast action fly rod, Single handed, NOT a Spey type/2 handed rod.
– 10# large arbour reel with a GOOD drag
– WF10 Floating or Intermediate compact head type fly line like the Mega High speed or similar to reduce the false casts and cast in tight back cast areas.
– Bite Trace 90lbs Fluorocarbon Berkley Big Game x 12″ long due to pike presence.
– 50lbs Fluorocarbon Berkley Big Game leader x 4-5ft long
– Fish First Aid Spray
– 42″ landing net
– Large/long unhooking mat -Unhooking Pliers
– Gloves: Rubber palm gardening gloves works best to get a chin grip as catfish “pads” do have small/short pin sharp teeth
– Bivvy or tent with gear to sleep 2 nights
– Food/Drink

The Venue is in Norfolk, Apologies at this stage is must remain vague.
Amenities: Clean toilets & a shower on site.
Optional breakfast if pre-booked £12 per person (not included in the £66) and we can arrange that closer to the date.
Mobile signal is OK with some providers.

Important Info on cancelations.
-Any cancelations inside of 3 weeks will not be refunded.
-Inside of the 3 week window, You can “sell” your spot to someone else.

About the Organiser.
Babs has been organising several 3 days solid Wels catfish on fly trips in East Anglia for the last three years for advanced anglers, on these trips two new UK records have been created! As well as an avid Pike fly angler, Babs also coaches Pike on fly sessions in the Fens in the winter months. Now with the right venue opened up, a chance to target these awesome fish with newcomers.


If you want to book in, please fill the form in below & I will email you the payment link.

If you have none, type None.
If you don’t, you will need to get them before the session
If you do have these, please bring them with you.