Carp on fly

Carp on Fly

Carp is a common name given to several species of Carp (Cyprinidae sp), Carp is one of the most targeted coarse species in the country. Carp are wary and smart and frequently hit 20 to 30 pounds. They sometimes feed in clear, shallow water, where they can be seduced with flies similar to those used for trout. IGFA records stand at fly-caught, 62lbs grass carp caught in the USA on 12lbs tippet in 2005

Below is a break-down of things you’ll need to start targeting Pike.

  • Fly Rod weight: 6/7 Weight for smaller carp & 9 weight for bigger ones
  • Fly Reel: 6-9 weight, match the reel to the rod
  • Fly Lines: 6-9 Weight match to the rod; Float
  • Leader:6-12lbs on rivers, up to 30lbs on lakes x 8-10ft, + an indicator on wet patterns
  • Trace: Not required
  • Trace to fly: Knot the hook on to the leader for best results.
  • Fly: Pellets, maggots, sweetcorn, bloodworm, worm patterns + most dry trout patterns
  • Net: Large Rubber mesh net is ideal
  • Unhooking Mat: 100% Yes especially with large Carp, wet the matt before you place the fish on to it. Some fisheries/events have strict rules that you must have one with you. Best to check with them before you go.
  • Forceps/Pliers: Forceps Yes
  • Unhooking glove: No

Tips for Carp on Fly

  • Cast ahead of tailing fish, Let your fly sink; twitch it slightly.
  • Carp don’t like a fly retrieved quickly
  • Set the hook when you feel a gentle tug.
  • Let them run! or risk snapping off!

For more information

  • Carp Champions Facebook group has a lot of experienced Carp on fly anglers to help you fine tune things. Link HERE