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  • Wels Catfish on Fly Spring 2022
    Will records be broken this trip? Time to see if those waders are truly watertight! Did flashing of body parts to appease the catfish gods? Read on to find out.
  • There be monsters
    There be monsters in that pool over there says the son of the fishery owner, I remember his father telling me on one of my visits few years ago that they grow their own Trout stock on and only add them to their C&R lake when they hit 6lbs!
  • 3 Friends in Norfolk
    3 Friends, a scruffy Tiger and 24 Trout later
  • Thats a wrap
    Thats a wrap on the 2021-22 Coarse river season, Its been a hard one but fun none the less
  • Perch pattern tying guide
    Perch pattern tying guide
  • Day 1 of 4 on the Pike
    This weekend is a busy one for me, 4 days fly fishing for pike!
  • Pike do not read the Rule Book!
    I clip on a big eyed Scruffy Tiger on and get a decent cast out despite the tight room, start stripping, pause, strip a couple more meters, hang.
  • Trout in the Fens
    Nestled just inside the beautiful South West Fenlands, is a secluded 8 acre Fly Fishing venue called BlackDyke Trout Fishery.
  • Norfolk’s little gem
    Norfolk has a couple of places tucked away that are absolute gems, this place to me is one of them.
  • Fly Fishing for Wels Catfish
    Finally! it’s here, time to pack the gear after weeks of tying new flies to test, gear to check and checking it again for the umpteenth time and head off to one of the top predator fisheries stuffed with Wels Catfish of all sizes.
  • Fly Line Types
    Fly Line types can be very confusing, so here’s a guide for those new to fly fishing to help you understand what they are all for.
  • Fly Rod Action Explained
    Fly rod action explained to help you pick the right fly rod for your needs.
  • Mega High-Speed fly line product testing & review.
    I keep hearing the same thing from people who use this line. They love it!
  • DIY Stripping basket/tray
    If your a dab hand at a bit of DIY, you can make your own for less than the cheapest is available Online (At date of this article).
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