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Mega High Speed Sink 7 is back in stock! This has that same aggressive, short weight forward head as the Mega High Speed which loads your rod with minimal effort. The grey running line is Intermediate and the black main head is sink 7; with a 35lbs braided core. Once you’ve pulled enough Mega High Speed line you need off the reel; you’ll find that 2-3 false casts are all that’s needed to shoot & it shoots fast. Reducing the number of false casts is a good thing when you’re spending all day casting big budgies!
Mega High Speed SINK 7 only comes in WF10, BUT —  it can be used on BOTH 9# and 10# rods!
This line will handle large or long Pike flies with ease and turn over, with the addition of an ultra-low stretch core which gives you even more sensitivity, control and performance. Ideal for getting you’re fly down deep quick as well as knowing with the 35lbs core pulling out a snag should be a easier. Although this is a cold Saltwater line, it is just as suitable for cold freshwater and we know that they do also work just fine in the Tropics! It keeps its suppleness in cold water freezing temperatures and with a super slick coating; reduces tangles while casting.

Mega High Speed Specifications.
– Line weight: WF10 
– 100ft total length
– Weight Forward
– Intermediate/Sink 7
– Braided core 35lbs
– Welded Loops
– Grey running line and Black head

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To reduce plastic waste, this line does not come on a spool; instead comes in a recyclable bag. Hold the coils in one hand, place the other hand on the bottom coils and rotate your hands round so the line unwinds. Carefully unwind the line on the floor and once all unwound; spool on to your reel.

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