Knucker Fly Reel


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Knucker Fly Reel is a great fly reel with large arbour performance to match the 9# or 10# fly rods we sell. Comfortably fits a full spool 100yds of standard backing + our WF10F Mega high Speed fly line; with room to spare! (Backing and fly line NOT included with this reel). Aluminium Die-cast and anodized in black on both the frame and spool; gives the reel a lighter feel. The advanced Teflon disk brake drag with red disk cover will handle most fish and is easy to swap the crank direction by flipping the bearing in the spool by following the instructions sent with every reel. Swapping the spool is easy with a simple release latch system.

Knucker (Name of the reel) was the common name for a kind of water dragon in Sussex, England. The word comes from the Old English “nicor” which means “water monster” and is used in the poem Beowulf. It was believed that Knuckers could be found at knuckerholes, a spring-fed sinkhole often only 20 feet across and believed to be “bottomless”.
What creatures will you coax from the deep with this reel?

*If you require the hand retrieve changing from the standard Left to Right, please select which “Hand crank” you want. If left unselected, will be shipped as left-hand crank.

Knucker Fly Reel Specifications:
Size: 9/10#
Reel Weight: 191g
Reel Diameter: 108mm
Spool Width: 28mm
Drag: Teflon Disk
Bearing: 2 + 1BB
Saltwater safe: NO
Hand Retrieve: Left hand as standard.
Hand retrieve swap: Yes, by flipping the bearing in spool*.
Material: Aluminium
Colour: Black/Red
Reel Bag: Yes

Warning: This reel is designed for fresh water, Immediately after fishing in saltwater, please open and clean the reel or the one-way bearing maybe corroded.

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