Alpaca Wool


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Alpaca Wool is a natural dubbing ideal for shaping the head on your pike fly, by adding Alpaca Wool to your fly will create that side to side action when you do a short; sharp tug on your retrive. The wool slows the head down & the tail of the fly “overtakes” as momentum is still going, it kicks the tail out all adding to that “action”.
I find that Alpaca wool doesn’t trap as much air as Pred Wool can and I like that i can use a bit more of it. Its softer than the normal Pred Wool and while you CAN use a bit more of this than the Pred wool; using too much will still trap air. Also too long a piece covering the hook point can snag loosing a good hook set, so have it come just short of the hook point.

Approx length: 12-13cm long
Approx bag weight: 2.5 – 3 grams
Colours available are: (Colours in photos may vary slightly to actual product)
Orange (Hand dyed)

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