AFW 7 Strand Surflon Supreme


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7 (1×7) Strand American Fishing Wire Surflon Supreme, Stainless Steel trace in 30lbs in Blood Red or Camo.
Purchase per meter, just add how many metres you want as Qty (quality).

  • 7 Strands of Stainless Steel Wire With Nylon Coating
  • 30lbs
  • Stainless Steel
  • Abrasion resistant
  • “Pigtail” resistant
  • Low stretch
  • Nylon coated
  • Blood Red colour mimics blood in top water situations and Red Colour disappears in deeper water
  • Camo/Brown
  • Easy to knot with a perfection loop one end and 3 turn blood knot to the clip*

*Knots on wire don’t tighten down like they do with Fluorocarbon or Mono. If the knot looks “loose” that’s fine, due to the way wire trace is made; the knot won’t loosen.

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