Mega Gold Fly Line


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The Mega Gold fly line is the go-to line for years. It’s an all-round ultimate floating line for Trout or Coarse anglers. The line gives you control and stability close in or at range with a long head and back taper. With enhanced performance, the profile is designed to load your rod at close range and delivers presentation of the smallest size 22 flies to small size 2 streamers.
With a coating to enhance its buoyancy with extra in the tip section without increase in tip thickness, slickness with less friction & durability.

Mega Gold Fly Line Specifications.
– 100ft total length
– Weight Forward
– Floating
– Braided core
– Welded Loops
– Gold running line & Moss green head

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To reduce plastic waste, this line does not come on a spool; instead comes in a recyclable bag. Hold the coils in one hand, place the other hand on the bottom coils and rotate your hands round so the line unwinds. Carefully unwind the line on the floor and once all unwound; spool on to your reel.

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