Carp Fly Set


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Carp fly set to get you started, tried and tested patterns in 2 types of sets depending on what they are taking at the time with the right presentation. Aim to get the fly within a 3 foot “zone” in front of the fish for a chance to gain their interest, this requires an accurate cast that doesn’t land too hard and sinks. Learning how to cast a weighted fly accurately will be a huge help.

All fly packs come on barbed hooks, please ensure you meet fishery/club water rules; crush the barbs with pliers/forceps to make them barbless if required.

Choice of:
Carp fly Set A
2 x Dog Biscuit
2 x White Bread
2 x Squirmy Worm
2 x Caterpillar

Carp Fly Set B
2 x Black Beetle
2 x Black Snail
2 x 10mm Pellet
2 x Bloodworm Apps

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