8# Fly Fishing Starter Combo


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A budget friendly 8# combo to get you started in to the Carp or small predator fly fishing hobby. This combo has the right type of dedicated fly line for turning the big flies over, Extras included that don’t often come with other combos: custom-made leaders/trace, spool of 12lbs fluorocarbon Tippet & proper carp or small pred flies!

Not sure how to load up the reel ready to fish? £10 extra & we will take care of that for you. If you require the crank direction to be swapped/loaded? eg Left hand crank or right hand crank. Please leave a message at check out (under address info) or drop us an email. If no message is received, default is left hand crank.

The kit will come with:
– 1 x 8# Predator Fly Rod.
– 1 x 7/8# Nixie Fly Reel set to left-hand crank.
– 1 x spool of white braided backing.
– 1 x Mega High Speed WF8F fly line.
– 1 x pack of pre-made: 2 x 25lbs Leader & 2 x 30lbs Wire traces.
– 1 x spool of 12lbs fluorocarbon tippet.
– 2 x packs of Carp flies or Small Predator flies

Rod Specifications.
– 9ft
– 4 piece
– Fast action
– Pure IM10 30T carbon blank
– 142 grams 9#
– 152 grams 10#
– 180 grams 12#
– PACBAY Titanium guides
– Anti-corrosion materials
– Aluminium reel seat
– Hidden hook keep slot by reel foot
– Full well AA grade Portuguese Cork grip
– Blue rod tube with embroidered model/size
– Colour: Royal blue finish
Ideal for 8#: Carp, Zander, or Perch.

Nixie Fly Reel Specifications:
Size: 7/8#
Reel Weight: 183g
Reel Diameter: 95mm
Arbor Diameter: 62mm
Spool Width: 30mm
Drag: Teflon Disk
Bearing: 2 + 1BB
Saltwater safe: NO
Hand Retrieve: Left hand as standard.
Hand retrieve swap: Yes, by flipping the bearing in spool*.
Material: Aluminium
Colour: Silver

Warning: This reel is designed for fresh water, Immediately after fishing in saltwater, please open and clean the reel or the one-way bearing maybe corroded.

Backing info
– Braking strain: 20lbs
– Colour: White
– Spool length: 100 Yards
– Diameter: 0.19mm
– Only need 30-40 yards max on this reel

Mega High Speed Specifications.
– 100ft total length
– Weight Forward
– Floating
– Braided core
– Welded Loops
– Ivory running line and Moss green head

Leader/trace pack info
– 2 x 25lbs 6ft long leader
– 2 x 30lbs 14″ long wire trace with size #3 quick twist clips

Fluorocarbon Specs
– Made in Japan.
– 100ft/30Mtr spools
– Bands to stop leader uncoiling off spool.
– Up to 15% stronger than Mono.
– Stiffer than Mono
– Less stretch
– Abrasion resistant
– Nearly invisible due to low refractive index
– Sinks faster than Mono.

Carp fly Set A
2 x Dog Biscuit
2 x White Bread
2 x Squirmy Worm
2 x Caterpillar

Carp Fly Set B
2 x Black Beetle
2 x Black Snail
2 x 10mm Pellet
2 x Bloodworm Apps

Small Predator Fly Set A
1 x Grey/White Minnow Hook size: 2
1 x Silver Jig Hook size: 2
1 x White/Red lure Hook size: 6
1 x Humongous Yellow/Green Hook size: 6

Small Predator Fly Set B
1 x Green/Black Minnow Hook size: 2
1 x Green Jig Hook size: 2
1 x White/Red Paddle Tail Hook size: 6
1 x Black/Red Twister Tail Hook size: 6


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