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Trout in the Fens

Trout in the Fens

Nestled just inside the beautiful South West Fenlands, is a secluded 8 acre Fly Fishing venue called BlackDyke Trout Fishery. The road to the fishery cuts through beautiful fenland farming areas, abundant with country wildlife, but close enough to civilisation avoiding Deliverance Banjo music!
Established 12 odd years ago from a farmer’s irrigation pond dug in to the chalk rich ground and clay lined. The fishery is fed from a nearby cut-off channel, which in time has seen various coarse fish fingerlings run the pump’s gauntlet and survived! Blackdyke fishery is ranked in the top 100 of small fisheries in England. Dean and Niki Barton own/operate the fishery, with Dean being a keen angler him self and not forgetting adorable (and cheeky) Basil, the families Black Labrador.
Blackdyke Trout Fishery holds a special place in my heart as being where I caught my first Trout on fly, it’s also where I caught my personal best which was sent off to Trout Masters, to which I still have my patch. Blackdyke is also where I have had the most fish in one day, happened to the same day that was the Ian Barr competition heats were being held. I had one fish less than that days winner, the same day I landed the big’un, and it was a very windy day which made casting a challenge. I remember seeing guys sit out on pegs that they would have had to cast in to the wind! All with in months of me first taking up fly fishing! I have thought about entering the comps for a bit of fun, but the comps usually fall on the same weekend as a Pike fly fishing event aaaaand I am sure most know I prefer the much bigger toothy critters ❤️

The fishery is stocked with hard fighting trout from the well known West Acre Trout Farm, with Rainbows from 2lbs to specimen 12lbs going in to the lake and there is a population of Browns present as well. If you have a look at the fisheries Facebook page, you can see the stocking videos they post up and as you book in between the lodges; you’ll find a board with last stocking date, catch reports with pattern used and other info. Often I read reports of anglers hitting double figure catches (fish count, not weight) in one day, You’ll often see fish topping, jumping and hunting in the margins. Occasionally you’ll find a cheeky Perch or Bream on the end of your line, they are a welcome distraction on a hard day’s fishing, and I am a fan of fly fishing for coarse fish.

Upon arrival in to the car park, You’ll be met with nice clear banks for back casts a floating jetty near the lodges, with one bank a welcome challenge with a Hawthorn hedge to add to the mix or for a bit extra; a choice of 2 row boats and a Wheely boat/electric outboard which is ideal for wheelchair users. The fishery does allow float tubes for a £5 launch fee which a few people do make use of, do check with the fishery on boat availability and always best to pre-book them. You’ll find an urn with free Tea/Coffee where you book in, table and chairs for you to have a rest or plan your next moves. The fishery also has a small on site shop covering essentials, Dean was telling me today that they are re-vamping the shop area and hope to offer a bit more with tying materials, hand tried flies from a well known tyer as well as the usual essentials.

If you fancy making a weekend of it? Why not book the fisheries 3 bedroom caravan via AirBnB? There is plenty to do in the area with the RSPB reserve between Hockwold and Lakenheath, or a short drive to the Welney Wash RSPB reserve. Relax even more with Niki and the Yoga Cabin

Do always check the website for up-to-date prices. This was current at time of posting

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Address: Blackdyke Road,  Hockwold cum Wilton, Norfolk IP26 4JW